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Tax relief: Claiming back what is yours in 2022

How the tax system operates can be intimidating for lots of people. However, over the years, Revenue has been making it easier for taxpayers to apply for a whole range of tax refunds, tax relief and tax credits. Make 2020 the year you take tax back from Revenue, after all, they want you to take back what is rightfully yours!

What Irish parents need to know about education costs

In Ireland, while the general cost of paying for the educators is paid for through general taxation, there is a wide set of costs that need to be understood and factored for in advance of a child starting or returning to school, including the many different education costs.

How to reduce financial stress and improve your well-being

Stress can have a significant impact on our financial wellbeing. So it is important to first understand what the different forms of stress are and then, to take some key steps to learn to live with stress and even manage it. In this short article, Frank Conway examines the impact of stress and essential steps one can take to control it.