Secondary School

It is important that we provide our children with the best start in life. This includes equipping them with a grounded understanding of money.
There is a dynamic programme of content for secondary school students (both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle)
MoneyWhizz has developed a leading youth financial education curriculum that covers the key pillars of money:
Earning & Income
Saving & Spending
Credit & Debt
Risk & Protection
Making Money Decisions

Making money simple

To find out more or to enquire about how to get financial education for your school, feel free to contact us at

To contact us for more information, please email MoneyWhizz

At Home

MoneyWhizz provides families with the resources to discuss money with their children and make better money decisions in life.

At School

MoneyWhizz financial education is available to both primary and secondary schools across Ireland free.

At Work

MoneyWhizz financial well-being seminars are used by leading employers to help employees make informed money decisions.