Saving & Investing

In this seminar, attendees will learn about the core pillars of investing and pensions planning.

Saving and investing are key topics employees wish to learn more about. MoneyWhizz provides a thorough overview of the topic and invaluable tips on how to plan well.

Key saving and investing points

MoneyWhizz provides employees with a snappy, easy-to-understand overview of the key investment and savings decisions today.

Learn more

MoneyWhizz delivers an easy-to-follow overview on savings and investing (including pension planning) to employees as part of a employee assistance talks.

At Home

MoneyWhizz provides families with the resources to discuss money with their children and make better money decisions in life.

At School

MoneyWhizz financial education is available to both primary and secondary schools across Ireland free.

At Work

MoneyWhizz financial well-being seminars are used by leading employers to help employees make informed money decisions.