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At MoneyWhizz, we work with leading employers to support their staff make informed financial decisions. This seminar is delivered by an independent Qualified Financial Adviser. There is NO PRODUCT SELLING!

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Our approach is simple, we start with the financial facts, we examine the personal financial goals and we explore the best options to get there.

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Financial wellbeing is a major focus of leading employers. MoneyWhizz already works with many of the leading employers in Ireland on the development and delivery of custom supports. This includes seminars, webinars and 1-to-1 consultations.

More are now incorporating MoneyWhizz seminars as a core part of their Employee Assistance Programmes.

To learn more, check out or range of supports on this website

Financial wellbeing at leading employers

MoneyWhizz also collaborates with the Vhi Corporate Solutions on the development and delivery of financial supports.

At Home

MoneyWhizz provides families with the resources to discuss money with their children and make better money decisions in life.

At School

MoneyWhizz financial education is available to both primary and secondary schools across Ireland free.

At Work

MoneyWhizz financial well-being seminars are used by leading employers to help employees make informed money decisions.